Start, purge, repeat

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I want to change the world. I want to do it so bad. I've wanted to for so long, but I've never known how. I still don't, don't get me wrong, but I feel I'm working on the right direction.

I've been purging my life, my possessions, myself. I've been purging. And it feels, oh, so good. I've gotten rid of stuff, my mane, needs, inquisitive thoughts, unnecessary needs... I want to change the world, but before I can I need to change myself.

You'll see I've removed some (lots of) posts from my blog because... change. Change is the basis of everything, I'd say. That's what I think now, of course, and I haven't always thought like that, I don't know if I'm gonna think like that forever to be honest, but as for now it is.

The content I've removed I see unnecessary on my life right now, it doesn't make me happy, it doesn't really align with how I'm thinking. I know many people would just leave it there for the sake of memories and stuff, but I need to purge, I need to align myself and my thoughts.

Change is the only constant in life, and the past year I've grown so darn much. I feel like I'm finally becoming myself. I'm happier than I've been in so long, I'm doing things that make me happy instead of what I'm supposed to do or what society dictates is the expected of me. I'm disappointing my family - because of the latter point - I'm finding myself, I'm starting to feel comfortable in my skin, on my own, with my mind, with my loves (Eric and the girls). For the past 6 months I've only taken steps towards my happiness, although not everyone sees it like so, but I don't really mind, I trust they'll some day understand or at least accept it.

I consider myself a pretty ignorant person. I don't know lots of things, I get lost in so many topics, I have a short attention span and usually get distracted by myself with just my train of thought. I want to learn more about the world because I want to change it, for the better. But what does that mean? I want to reflect upon that and other things in next posts, so I'll keep you posted.

don't be afraid to change,
be your true self.

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