Traveling solo (and injured)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

At the end of June I had booked a weekend trip to go on my own to either London, Oslo or Stockholm through Waynabox which is a nice service we've had here in Spain for a bit! The thing is, one week before that I sprained my ankle pretty badly, and after a few days of desperation, crying and anxiety I finally decided on going! On my own, for a long weekend, to Stockholm, with my crutches and a backpack. BAAAAM!

Off to Stockholm
(On my way to Stockholm!)

The idea of doing a trip on my own came to me as I was feeling better mentally on the past few months. In fact, a therapist I had a few years ago suggested it to me as a chance of growing and improving mentally, and it hadn't crossed my mind until this year. I'm a very dependent person, I love relying on, basically, Eric, and know that I have someone to lean on (literally and figuratively XD). This trip, although 3 days long, was a big thing for me, it was going to be my first trip alone, and ended up being my first trip alone with crutches, greeeeeeat.

The experience was diverse. The first day I was happy-sad, excited and anxious... there was gonna be no one once I got to Stockholm in which to rely on to how to get to the city, for example. I know it sounds stupid, but those things I didn't realize until I did this... Once I got to the hostel and everything I felt pretty realized and good, although tired of almost 4h of plane (the longest for me) and the hour from Arlanda to Stockholm center.

The first night I felt lonely, the loneliest I've felt in many years. But it was great after that first night, although with crutches I had a great time, I enjoyed so much Stockholm that I just wanna go right back. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone, and then did it again, and I can't even begin to describe how good it felt.

I highly encourage you to take a trip alone, even if it just for a day, or three, like I did, now I feel much more confident on traveling alone, I in fact want to, and learning to be on your own can be weird at first, but great in the end.

First sight of Stockholm from the Hotel
First meal! A vegan lunchbox
Stockholm city hall
Inside of the City Hall
Cheerful cherub at Stockholm's City Hall
A cheerful cherub outside the city hall
Entering Djurgården, Stockholm
Entering Djurgården
Nordiska Museet, Djurgården, Stockholm
The Nordiska Museet at Djurgården
Square at Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Pretty square on Gamla Stan
A kanelbulle the sice of my head at Gamla Stan, Stockholm
A kanelbulle the size of my head
View of Djurgården from a boat
View of Djurgården from a boat
Nice snack on a boat ride through the canals
Mandatory snack on boat ride - Stockholm, you've got delicious chips!
Bus ride to the airport
On my bus back to the airport :(

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