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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

For the past month I've been suffering of a really bad luck. After I got my new bike - a gorgeous 6ku nebula 2 - I fell off the first day I took it out... I was crossing the tram rails and one of the tires got stuck on a rail... so I went flying, got knocked out and saved by people around the crossing... that was at the end of May, just a few days before we went on a weekend trip to Milan... it was awful, got stitches on my chin, a burn on the knee from the asphalt and a pain on the shoulder that's still lingering, improving, but it still lingers... mada**ka

I got pretty anxious as walking was difficult due to the soreness and the swelling on the knee and we were going, two days after, on a walking trip... We managed to go tho, Eric, my rock, got me on a better state of mind and off we went to Milan! After that, June came by and I decided to quit my job to find my passion, and as a kick starter planned a weekend trip for myself alone to Stockholm the same week I was quitting. 

So the weekend before, off we are to my parents house with the girls, on the car, when we just stupidly hit the front car... ours got pretty messed up - let's say we now don't own a car - but the other one was fine and we all were just fine as the collision was at a really, really, absurdly slow speed. Not a good starter but, well, shit happens. Now fast forward, the same day at my parent's house, I'm just walking down the stairs to the garage with my father to pick up the WiFi pass and I fell on the last step 'cuz I freakin' thought I had arrived to the main ground... but nope... instead my big step got my left feet onto the corner of the real last step and my ankle just twisted to the side doing the most terrible crack I've ever heard... afterwards lots of crying and yelling my ankle is swelling up like crazy, got a hematoma and I can't even use that leg. The result was a pretty bad ankle sprain... one month without walking... and the next week was supposed to travel, alone, to Stockholm, to again walk.

So at this point I got really really low spirits, I was just so utterly bummed out... it's like all my plans were getting ruined each and every time by injuring myself really painfully. I got a couple of crotches and after a few days without barely moving and not standing on that foot off I went to Stockholm... the utter adventure XD I was pooped, like, really pooped, the days before I was about to just blow it and stay home... but forced myself to go and have a good time, and I did! The crutches were a pain in the ass but got me a better sit on the plain at least XD 

I don't know... after a month my ankle still hurts, I'm still on bed rest and using crutches when I need to move around and in two weeks start rehabilitation. This month was supposed to be my kick off month, the best month, getting active, enjoying the outside, doing lots of things... but instead got bed rest. I'm still trying to stay positive, but I'm so bored of being home, of having something that hurts... hope to improve with the weeks so I can achieve other plans, but for now... bed rest it is -.- daaaaamn

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