The line tattoo - By Rebeca Lopez

Monday, April 27, 2015

Black line tattoo by Rebeca Lopez done at void tattoo barcelona

· T H E    T A T T O O ·

So last Friday the BF got a tattoo by the same girl I'm going to get tattooed tomorrow! Rebeca Lopez is amazing, her artistry and dedication are visible and for the first time we've chosen a tattooer instead of a place we are really happy! Can't wait for tomorrow, I'm scared as I'm getting something big, but also really excited to see the final drawing and get it on my skin :)

Eric felt comfortable all the time, thing that didn't happen on his last one (the one sneaking in the back), he says it was a pleasure to see her work, so focused and being delicate and precise! This one, even though he says Rebeca was picking up less ink than with his other one, it's more pigmented, straighter, and you can barely notice any deviation, which is amazing. He's super stocked with his new line and now wants more work on him done by Rebeca!

I will for sure report back when I get mine done tomorrow, as with my last tattoo I didn't end up that happy with the result.

· T H E    A R T I S T ·

Rebeca is based in Barcelona, working at void tattoo, but she goes to lots of conventions, in fact she's gonna be the 8th, 9th and 10th of May at the XVI International Tattoo Expo Roma in Rome.

Here some of my favorites from her work:

Jupiter dotted tattoo w/ sacred geometry by Rebeca Lopez
Sacred geometry square orange rose tattoo by Rebeca Lopez
Dotted whale tattoo by Rebeca LopezSacred geometry skull divinity tattoo by Rebeca Lopez
Mandala tattoo by Rebeca Lopez

If you're interested in getting a tattoo by Rebeca here's her info:

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