Cycling Barcelona . Looking For Art

Monday, March 9, 2015

I used to love photography and art. I still love them, but they are hobbies that with the media revolution I lost touch with, but lately I've been craving picking up my bike and discover every little corner of where I live trying to find some nice pieces of street art, which I love a good piece of. There's also some facades I couldn't resist. Enjoy.

· T H E    S T R E E T   A R T ·

The anger through the walls
Barcelona City Graffiti
door decoration, the eye of the door
geometric door
Young girl graffiti
Pretty door
Spanish political protest, what people think of the monarchy
The look graffiti
The stare graffiti
Spaceship art
creepy women smoking, barcelona street art
the yellow exit

I hope to find more gems around soon and keep exploring my city.

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