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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The most amazing and fun board games! Carcassone Saboteur Munchkin Mascarade and Jungle Speed

Hello my lovelies!

So playing "role" based board games is one of my all time favorite entertainments! Today I wanted to show you my top 5 games that I usually want to play over and over again. If you've never tried this kind of board game you're truly missing out! (Well, maybe you won't like it, but most of board games have sections where you can try'em, so it's nice to go look around and try some).

I started playing this kind of board games when I was 16 and my school friend group shifted, and so my new group introduced me to Risk. It was a whole new world to me, and I fell in love. Later on they showed me Bang, and I Bought my first role-playing board game called Zombies!!!. It was amazing finding out about this kind of harmless, easy and super fun entertainment whilst What all my "ex"-friends and other colleagues wanted to do was going partying and finding people to make out (like... what?), I was nothing like that and that's one of the main reason of my rift.

So here is my favorite board games!

A must! This one I could play all day long - no kidding - my boyfriend is sick of me just wanting to play to this. Also we have like a bazillion of the gazillion expansions it has and so it's even better! This one main objective is to build a town/country between all players, being each player looking for their wealth (a.k.a accumulating points) or trying to make the rest get less. It's really nice and you go on building castles, abbeys, roads and farm land! The concept is pretty simple but this game never gets old!

Oh la la, this game is HILARIOUS. The illustrations, names and monsters in it are all absurd and so darn funny! In this game you go "exploring" dungeons in which you can find monsters you'll have to fight, curses, instant attacks, etc... and you can also win treasures by killing the monsters and other special cards. The thing is that wins the one which reaches to 10 lives - you start with 1 and win them by killing monsters and with special cards - and you can have a class and a race with special features! To get to 10 lives is a simple concept, but as you approach them all the opponents will try really hard for you not to win! And so it's really fun and exhilarating all the time.

This is the newest one we've gotten, and it's already in the top selection! - just sayin' - This is mainly a game of confusion and memory in which you have to accumulate 13 coins to win. You start with 6 coins (I think) and a random card with a character, in the first round everyone shows its card and that's the moment when you have to make sure to know where every character is! In the next rounds players can switch their card with another player's (mixing them first so no one except him/her knows what's going on), look at their own character or announce they are a certain character - in which case may be told they are not by others making the announcer and themselves show the card they have - in order to win coins as their role states. Overall is quite an intricate game, but if you're up for it it's amazingly entertaining! Also the number of players can be between 2 and 12! which is amazing because you don't have to worry because you are too many to play! (what's more, the more players the better, at least is what we've experienced!)

In this game you play as a dwarf! Each player takes a card in which can be a "good" dwarf or a "bad" dwarf (a.k.a. a saboteur!), and the game consists in digging through a mine (building paths) in order to get to one of the 3 possible goal cards! Only one of the 3 possibilities hold a big chunk of gold (yeah, you know dwarves) and in between the "path" cards you can find prohibitions to construct which you can throw at other players, "release" cards for those prohibitions and explosion cards! The goal of the saboteur/s is to make it impossible to the good dwarfs to get to the gold! This game is super fun, and again never gets old!

Jungle speed
This game I have to warn you... it's kinda violent! XD You have a totem in the middle of the table and each player has an equal chunk of cards upside down. Then the players start getting cards from the top of their decks which have geometrical forms and combinations, when two players have the same figure in the card they have to reach for the totem! The one who got it first gives his/hers discarded cards to the one who lost the "combat".  The goal of the game is to be left without cards! All figures are tricky and try to fool the eye so you have to be quick and a good observer! The violence part is, at least for me, that I always play with guys, and so... they reach REALLY hard for the totem, like in "I'm gonna slap your hand really hard" kind of way XD but it's super fun and I love it! just warn your friends to take off any rings and to trim their nails beforehand!

And these are my top 5 board games to play with my friends and family! I hope you got to know any new games or that this served as an introductory guide to fun and amazing board games!

Do you have any favorite board game to play with friends/family? Please tell me about it in the comments!

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