DIY Watercolor mugs a la Poppytalk

Sunday, August 3, 2014

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So, a few days ago on Poppytalk I saw these amazing watercolor mugs! I really loved that it was so easy to create something so unique and cute! So I grabbed some nail polishes, a couple of white ceramic mugs I was still on hold of to draw on (never happened XD wanted to do it since last Christmas), a plastic dish and went ahead!

All you need is:
- White ceramic mugs
- A container you don't mind staining
- Nail polish in your favorite colors!

diy, watercolor mug

How to:
I filled a plastic dish with warm water (ended up using a pyrex platter in which I was able to pour on more water), then poured a couple of drops of nail polish, waited for them to spread out and dipped the mug on it! Then pat dry the mug with a paper towel and voila! A couple of hours to dry and then you can use the mugs!
I messed up several times and so removed the polish with regular acetone free nail polish remover (what I had around) and a cotton round.

As you can see I used different colors and layered the polishes. In my case I used some old Pretty&Polished thermal polishes (in Day Trippin' and Candy Corn) as well as regular polishes - Essie Watermelon and Orly Goth. As I used thermal polish for one side of the mugs as soon as I pour anything warm inside the mug changes color, and so is even more unique!

I haven't washed them on the dishwasher yet, but by hand they were OK! And even if I ruin them I don't mind! I guess I could remove the remains and re-apply more nail polish in the future, so even more possibilities :)

Have you tried any mug DIY before? If so, which one?

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