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Monday, June 2, 2014

Hi there my lovelies!

Today I want you to meet the newest addition to out little family. She is Cheddar, most known as Cheddy Cheddar the mighty!

Cheddy Paw Paws

Ever since I moved out from home I was feeling the need for a canine companion, as well as my partner. Either of us had had a dog in our families, ever, but we felt incomplete without one. And so, this January, I started the hunt in dog rescues to find the perfect pooch for us. 

I did all the research kind of in secret, as my partner wasn't sure about getting one yet. So I kept looking and looking around and narrowed my search down to a couple of dogs in need!

Cheddar enjoying the sunny Barcelona

We then, contacted the shelters to check out if they were in adoption yet and to know a little more about their personality (as the three of them were out of our city, like 700Km away). From a local one we didn't get a response, but we got from two of them. The first was Africa, a little dachshund mix, that had already been adopted, but her sister was available. Then we received a response from the now cheddar. Her past name was Maru, from "Maruja", it's a word in spanish that means nosy as she was the nosiest dog in the shelter! She was 1 year old, and she had been in the rescue for half of her life, and in the shelter for most of the rest :(

Asking for attention

As soon as we got that respond our hearts melted. She was really far from us, but managed to meet half way through with her vet, that was traveling a couple weeks after we committed to adopt her. When we finally met her in person we didn't know what to do, but we managed to stay strong and bring her home with lots of toys and love ( although she didn't really know what to do with the toys or with our love ).

It's been already 4 months with us and we couldn't be any happier. I love having her around when I'm "home alone" ( no more, hehe ), and even though she had never had any kind of training or lived with humans we have managed to potty train her, teach her to go on the leash and a few tricks ( for now sit, lay, roll and to give paw ) in what I think it's a very short time.

Walk at the Tibidabo

Just in case you're wondering, cheddar is a mix of Irish Terrier, they are energetic and active so we have to provide her with plenty of play time, that she delightfully enjoys :) It's a huge excuse to go out and about and move around.

Do you have any pets?

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