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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hi there! 

Today I'd like to introduce you my favorites tv shows at the moment! I usually follow like an obnoxious amount of shows at the same time, so I'll be making just a brief selection for you!

Parks and recreation

Great show created in collaboration with one The office's writer, it's a hilarious show about the parks and recreation branch of the fictional Indiana town Pawnee and all the troubles they encounter on their way.

The carrie diaries

Recently found out about this show, can't even remember how now, but found it and loved it! It's supposed to be a prequel for Sex and the city, which I never had seen before I knew about The carrie diaries, as I fell into it I started Sex and the city as well!

Sex and the city

Yes, yes, yes, a little late I know, but as I said, as soon as I finished with Carrie's season 1 I needed something else! It's been great and is different from all the other shows.

New girl

This show is really fun, because it's more realistic that the usual, although not as realistic as another I'm about to list, but it's so fun and chaotic! All the characters are bold, and I've never felt like the storyline was poor.

Modern family

A tamed version of what a family looks like. With its problems and all in all a lot of funny anecdotes. It became kind of storyline poor around 2nd or 3rd season, but it got on its feet again, and now is again the funny entertaining show it started like.


This is as realistic as it gets. The obscure truth behind situations that usually in shows is shown as what anyone would ever do but looks nice. This is really visceral and passes on all the feeling so authentically. That's what I love about it, no sugar coating.

The good wife

This is about a girl, tied in a marriage. As a lawyer she tries to get back again on the game, but everything gets tangled, specially in her love life. 
It's just about the right mix of a romantic and a lawyer show, more in the lawyer side, which makes it super interesting.

What shows have you been watching lately?

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